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WDI Reports

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Some wonder…What is a WDIR~Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report and how can this affect me & my future investment? 

   If you are in the process of buying a home for you & your family we urge you to make sure you’re hiring the right Licensed Pest Control Company that will know your home from the start, keeps good records to protect your future investment & is truly looking out for your best interest. This is a very important part of the home buying process & is deigned not only to protect you & inform you about your new home but to also save you money in years to come. 

   If you are considering selling your home we urge you to have a Professional Pest Control Company do a WDI Inspection Report beforehand. This Option would be a Wise Choice since the pest inspector would be able to point out areas in and around the home so that corrections can be made to the home before potential buyers put a contract on it. This will then lesson write ups during future inspections while lessoning the chances of scaring away potential buyers during their option period with the added bonus of making the buying process smoother for the buyers and sellers in the end. 

   WDI Inspection Reports are one of the cheapest things that you can do to protect your real estate investment. The average cost for a WDI Inspection Report on a home is between $135 to $200 depending on if the home is on Slab, Pier & Beam & Square Footage.

    As Licensed and Certified Professionals we will perform a very thorough inspection of the property looking for any active infestations, signs of past infestations with any old damage & any signs of previous treatment.  During the inspection we are also looking for & Documenting Conducive Conditions that can be corrected by using Mechanical Alteration or point out areas that are just built Conducive by design which is very common. We personally like to mark all plumbing areas on the Diagram of WDI Inspection Reports (It’s just good practice) when inspecting since plumbing areas are some of the main areas inside a home for termites to come up.

    Keep in mind a WDI Inspection Report is a completely separate report than a home inspectors report. “This separate inspection of an average 2,000 sqft home should take at minimum 1 hour for the WDI Inspection Alone.” We don't just come in & tap your baseboards with a golf club & calling it an inspection, you’d be surprised at what we see so make sure you’re getting a full report. We at Bugbusters Exterminating take pride in our reports. We draw our diagrams freehand which allows us to add more detail to the final report while making them clear, readable & we also take pictures while inspecting.

“We Do Not Cut Corners & Sub Out Our WDI Inspection Reports to Home Inspectors & then sign off by allowing them to use our Pest Control License Number for a quick buck." We believe in one professional per expertise so we do them ourselves & believe that WDI Inspections should be left to the WDI specialist that can actually rectify the issues since licensed pest control companies deal with all kinds of pest on a daily basis & would be the one viewing the property from the beginning.

    If a home inspector offers to do a WDI Inspection Report along with their home inspection for a separate fee then in most cases they have a technician license only. They will then need a Licensed Pest Control Company with a "Certified Applicator" to approve this report & in most cases the client doesn’t even know what pest control company will be approving this with their license number. In other cases the home inspector may even use a pest control companies license number from another town hundreds of miles away.

You see what may seem like an easy step to skip during the buying process can actually leave you in the dark years later……Therefore it’s never a good idea to combine two inspections into one. “This has Simply Been a Long Time Tradition to do our own WDI Inspection Reports with our own Technicians alongside our own Certified Applicator here at Bugbusters Exterminating only. 

    With this being said if you need a recommendation of a professional home inspector that does strictly home inspections in your area we would be happy to help you find one.  

   You see in the end we are looking out for Your Best Interest. We at Bugbusters want to know your home on a personal level so when a future issue arrives we are able to truly understand our customer’s needs by being there from the start & this is what makes Bugbusters..Bugbusters… 

If you choose Bugbusters to do your Wood Destroying Insect Report please make sure to give us days in advance when scheduling since our schedules can fill up quickly.


Thank you
The Bugbusters Team 

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