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Murder Hornets in America/Crepe Myrtle Bark Scale

“Murder Hornet” One of many reasons Pest Control is Essential… This Asian giant "Murder Hornet" has been sited in Washington state for the first time in the U.S. in the spring of 2020. This “Murder Hornet” is not good & will wreak havoc on our eco system. This Hornet is calculated to reach from coast to coast within the next 2 to 3 short years. These Hornets can sting through bee suits multiple times so we will eventually need more protective suits to hunt them down!! Like so many other nuisance pest or rodents that are either disrupting our way of life or will in the future are brought in from cargo. Therefore, we at BUGBUSTERS EXTERMINATING urge you to check the perimeters of your homes, yard, land or trees often for any pest that could pose a threat.


SPRING TIP #1 If you must use mulch in flowerbeds and around perimeters make sure you are replacing it yearly and putting some type of pest control into the new mulch brought in from cargo to detour future pest.


SPRING TIP #2 Please…. Pay attention to your Crepe Myrtles, Azaleas ect.. in East Texas. Notice the black sooty mold? This is Bark Scale & it has become more prominent since the early 2000's. March to spring is the perfect time to treat/drench these trees “Systemically” since it is the most alive and begins to bud therefore taking up nutrients from the ground. These products can be purchased over the counter at some of our favorite local plant nurseries. Sadly, Crepe Myrtles are becoming more and more neglected in East Texas therefore spreading this bark scale to neighboring trees. Since we have 33 of these Crepe Myrtles that we personally maintain ourselves we have found that lightly pressure washing the bark on these trees along with other trees before treating/drenching helps them to shed the unnecessary black sooty mold. Your trees can breathe better, and they will thank you for it by flourishing! Keep in mind trees are alive as we are, and we must maintain the ones we intend to keep so they stay healthy as we do ourselves. As you see we care a great deal about doing our part and protecting the health of these beloved East Texas trees so if you have Crepe Myrtles please pay attention to them so many generations down can enjoy their beauty as well.


SPRING TIP #3 Need a little extra Muscle? Well you know who to call BUGBUSTERS EXTERMINATING! 😊